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About Relay Hope After School Program


Relay Heroes Today Leaders Tomorrow along with Community Leaders present the free informal after school program to the students at the Anna Mobile Park located at 1015 N. Powell Pkwy, Anna, TX 75409. The program is provided for free to residents of the mobile community and sponsored trough community partners. Providing after-school programming for residents in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our program is to address the immediate needs of students in the mobile park community by proving support in the areas of tutoring, food accessibility, mentoring, and monthly activities. Programming will foster education, hobbies, cognitive development, mobility, and community among the children and families. Each student that signs up will be offered up to 4 hours a week of homework assistance and tutoring across the academic school year on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Once a month on Saturday three activates will be made available for students and families to participate in.

The program will follow the Anna ISD school calendar. Families living in the mobile park community can access the program regardless of educational platform chosen for their student i.e. virtual, in-person instruction, charter, and or private school.

Bring Relay Hope to your community! Contact us to get more information, to volunteer, donate, or sign up for monthly updates @
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